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Anti-Terrorism Recommendations

Today the U.S. and the world are faced with constant terrorist attacks by forces of militant Islam with the aim of forcing their ideology upon us or destroying us. This has been going on for at least since the 1980's and over 28,000 people have been killed world-wide since 2001. See: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=Last30

Up to now the U.S. has given captured terrorists the benefit of protection under U.S. law on our territory and protection of the Geneva Convention for those not in the U.S. The Geneva Convention states that it is applicable to those who joined in its establishment.

Terrorists by definition are "stateless" in the sense that their acts cannot be attributed to a specific country or those acts would be considered an act of war by that country. Today we are faced with terrorist acts designed to establish a given ideology, fundamental Islam.

By its nature terrorism is a form of asymmetrical warfare. That is, the forces and assets on each side are extremely unequal. Terrorism attempts to manipulate a large country with small but very brutal acts and to thereby change public opinion in their behalf. Countries do not have a very effective ability to wage war against "stateless" ideologies.

Now, we have the emergence of ISIS/ISIL as a proclaimed state sponsor of terrorism, indeed a terrorist state. They proclaim they wish to establish a "Caliphate", an Islamic state led by a caliph an holding to Sharia law. This would seem to change the situation in dramatic fashion. They are attacking other countries using agents (terrorists), and they are not signatories of the Geneva Convention.

They have declared war on us. We should reciprocate and declare war upon them. It should be unconditional war. We should not consider any terms for surrender.

It is the wish of these madmen that we do this. They believe that those holding the Muslim faith, over 1.6 billion strong, will join them in their "jihad". We do not have so little faith in the religion of peace that we think that this would happen. We believe that these terrorists are a minority. We are not willing to have our country and those of our allies, reshaped by them, and our people brutalized and killed as we see in many countries like Belgium and England where there are entire areas in which sharia rules and supersedes the established national law.

Inland Valley Business Alliance (San Bernardino,county, Ca)
Norm MacKenzie, President/CEO
Jim Peugh, Vice Chair of Legislative Affairs
March 29, 2016