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Fundamental Credo

The greater good of Society is most effectively served when Business and Government act in a true spirit of cooperation rather than in opposition or competition with one another.

  1. Business Responsibility:
    1. A broad base of economic prosperity fairly achieved is preferable to wealth concentrated in the hands of the few.
    2. While it is the natural goal of a business to achieve wealth it comes by the voluntary purchase of its goods and services.
    3. We believe profit is not evil and is the just compensation for taking economic and/or financial risk.
    4. We believe in a strong economy. We are a world power and to maintain that power in the world we must continue to generate wealth.
    5. We believe that wealth comes from adding value; value is measured by what others are freely willing to pay for it.
    6. One of the greatest rewards man can have is to create something that others are willing freely to buy.
  2. Government Role:
    1. We believe all citizens have equal protection under the laws of the country.
    2. We believe all citizens have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; recognizing that there are no guarantees of success.
    3. We are a world power. In order to sustain it we must have a strong military.
    4. The prime role of government is to provide an environment that fosters free enterprise and protects personal freedom and individual liberty while maintaining our borders.
    5. Government must regulate and maintain a fair rule of law.
    6. Government cannot create wealth; its only income is through the assessment of involuntary taxes and fees.
  3. Personal Responsibilities:
    1. We believe in personal growth including Growth of learning/understanding/scientific knowledge, Growth of spirit, Growth of relationships, Growth should be unhindered by government.
    2. We believe in personal responsibility. Freedom and Self Respect can only be realized when you accept responsibility for your own success. Being the beneficiary of an involuntary contribution (tax) by another is tantamount to theft.
    3. Being an elected representative at any level is a high responsibility and all representatives must understand that they will be held accountable for their actions now and tomorrow.
    4. We reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions. (Ronald Reagan)
    5. We believe the fundamental drive of man to acquire more wealth is good and must be distinguished from greed.
  4. Societal Issues:
    1. We believe individual growth should not be sacrificed to societal growth.
    2. The future betterment of all is in part due to improved scientific and technological understanding of the natural world and the commercial application of that understanding.
    3. We believe natural science should be built upon hard repeatable experimental observations.
    4. Government should not wish to achieve wealth since it can only come by the involuntary assessment of taxes and fees or create competition with business.
    5. We reject the idea that every time someone suffers a loss it must be due to someone else and that person or entity must be made to cover the loss. Sometimes there are accidents.